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Prayer Points

please pray for my 2nd sem result that i may clear all my subjects..amen
Please pray for my friend shaiju who is not a believer. He is in some problems and I dont know what exactly. Please pray for him..
pray for my father ministry. he was facing many problems..peace for him. pray for my two younger sisters marrege. people asking more dowry. pray for my younger brother futher pray for my futher ministry.and my life partner
Pray for my healing from Cold disease
di is dayakar(21) from hyd.by the grace of god m dg ministry among slums. m enable live a holy life. m going through dangerous temptation m enable to face that.m falling in sin also sm times.plzzz pray 4 me. thnq for ur prayer
  • I have a interview today at 6.30, kindly pray for me.
My dad's job who worked for united india insurance company ltd, as a development officer he lost his job with out any mistke from his side so pl pray for my dad's job
  • maldives is a very small islamic country.pls pray for this country and salvation for this innocent and hope less people.am an indian working here.
  • Please pray for my father,he has a growth in intstine,it is operated and send it for a biopsy.
  • Please pray for his recovery and biopsy result could be normal.
  • Please i want to pray for my revival to come in my life.
  • In my family what so ever we touch for the first time it will start to grow but has time goes on it will start to come back at the bottom. My uncle toild me that all this problem started in the days of our four fathers.
  • So I need a pray that will takeaway the sins of my four fathers away from me.
  • So that my favor, my Blessing, my prosperity and Grace will come.
  • As she is suffering from Breast Cancer
  • Suffering from financial problems.
  • As she is ignored by her husband because of Cancer and Financial problems
  • Pray that God takes away the sicknesses for who call upon him.
  • Pray that God take care of the family of the patients
  • Pray for the patients that they are not depressed because of the sickness.
  • pray for the people who are infected by HIV
  • You will grant wisdom to our leaders, so that they will govern with diligence and integrity and will keep the doors open for the sharing of the gospel throughout the land;
  • Resistance to the gospel will be removed and the power of Satan will be broken over all Indians;
  • Our countrymen will be delivered from corruption, hypocrisy, murder, lying, deceit, falsehood, theft, pride, selfishness, self-centeredness, laziness, injustice, immorality, adultery, fornication, divorce, malice, witchcraft, idolatry, sorcery, hardening of heart against the Lord Jesus, despising the Gospel that saves, abuse of women and children, female infanticide, prostitution, pornography, drug addiction in our youth etc.
  • Your Holy Spirit will mightily move in every state, city, town and> village, bringing salvation and revival;
  • Our country would be healed from sickness & poverty, droughts, floods, earthquakes and natural disasters, and be delivered from political dissension, communal disharmony and terrorism.
  • Pray for independent addicts abandoned by family
  • for those who cause emotional disturbance and poverty in families;
  • for emotional healing, rehabilitation,
  • for love and respect from the society;
  • for transformation in the lives of affected Christians and salvation for the others.